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One Step Physical Therapy driven by passion and affirmation strive to m​aximize every patients ability to regain and improve their activities of daily living.    

Patient Testimonial
We have a 5 star rating on Google and Zoc Doc read our patient's experience.
Bernadette Mootoosammy
5 Stars
"Omar Elgendy is the gold star of excellence!
He is compassionate,skilled, knowledgeable and most important a humanitarian. I've witnessed first hand his work with my 99 years old grandma. Getting her to walk and exercise was a challenge until Omar came along.(Now she tells everyone about his excellent work).
His delivery of physical therapy and professionalism coupled with a great sense of motivation to patients are the cornerstone of his practice".                             

Welcome to One Step Physical 
Therapy ​​and ​Rehabilitation Center.

Who we are

At One step physical therapy we aspire to evaulate each patient individually with all know physical therapy modalities to determine the correct diagnosis. We treat each patient uniquely and exceptionally well to help heal their pain ease their discomfort and prevent any further injuries.

"You can You will and You must" fulfill your goals with our assistance and guidance. To a healthier tomorrow.

  About Us        

One Step physical Therapy is an In Home physical therapy service that was built in 2018 with enthusiasm and passion to provide the best physical therapy in New York. We commit to our patients providers and physicians to provide the most effective physical therapy possible. 

Our success will be found in our patients heart and their rehabilitation. We invest in our professional therapist to ensure a compassionate and knowledgeable team. We are personally and collectively responsible for delivering on our commitments. We act with kindness, empathy and caring for all those we serve. We will deliver an experience that exceeds our customers highest expectations.